Great Deals for a Great Cause at Acey’s Closet Sale

Do you want to support an amazing cause and find outstanding clothes at a great price?

If so, the Acey’s Closet Sale at Dress for Success is right for you.

The Cause

Every year Dress for Success Oregon receives thousands of donated clothes, shoes, and accessories for women from the generosity of donors in the greater Portland Metro area. Many of our clothing donors are simply cleaning out their closets and others have retired from their jobs.

The Clothes

Not every piece of clothing donated is suitable for interviews. Some are too casual (think sundresses and tank tops) and some are too fancy (like cocktail dresses). But they’re excellent brands (what can we say, our donors have impeccable taste!), so even though we wouldn’t recommend these for interview wear, we thought we’d sell these clothes at a huge discount to the general public to raise much needed funds for our job preparation and retention programs.

More Details

When you donate your clothes to Dress for Success Oregon, they go through this life cycle:

  • Clothes are donated into business appropriate and not business appropriate
  • Business-appropriate clothes are steamed, sometimes buttons are mended, and go out on the dressing room floor for clients who are preparing for an interview
  • Non business-appropriate clothes (that are still in good condition) go to Acey’s Closet
  • After clothing has been out on the floor for 90 days, those suits and business clothes also go to Acey’s Closet

Acey’s Closet

The Acey’s Closet sale runs three times a year (spring, summer, and fall). Items range from $5 to $22, and every dollar spent goes toward a good cause. Our last sale enabled 60 women to receive an interview outfit, a new work outfit, and career development and retention services.

Brands range from Banana Republic and J. Crew to Chanel and Prada.

Join Us This Week!

Acey’s Closet Summer Sale hours are June 26-28, 11am-5pm, and if you spend at least $30 before Sunday at 2pm, you get a ticket to the Sunday afternoon blowout sale, where everything is $2 (2:30-5:00).


One thought on “Great Deals for a Great Cause at Acey’s Closet Sale

  1. In the past, I have brought over my wife’s clothes that I thought would be suitable for work. I did not realize that you could use non-work type clothes also. she has always invested in good labels and kept them in prime condition, but she has lost weight and I have clothes that might not be for the office but that you certainly ought to be able to sell in Acey’s closet.


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