Partners for Success – A Conversation with Evan Amano of Campbell Global

DFSO is fortunate to have the backing of local business organizations that understand and support our mission. When a workplace bands together and pools resources to aid in the empowerment of women it strengthens all of our programs.

Campbell Global, a Portland Forest and Natural Resources Investment firm aligns with DFSO with their values of integrity, quality and service. When DFSO was pitched to the company’s “Grow the Good” committee, the idea to support DFSO was quickly adopted. Campbell Globals’ Evan Amano shares their enthusiasm for supporting DFSO. “The biggest attraction that brought forth contributing to DFSO would have to be the message that DFSO sends to their clients. As a business, Campbell Global recognizes the importance of professionalism with our employees and our clients. This is a foundation for success in any line of work. DFSO prepares their clients with a level of professionalism that will help them land their first job, and continue to instill practices that allows clients job retention and career growth.”

When Campbell Global employees visited DFSO they were surprised at the number of volunteers that contribute their time to support DFSO operations. Amano witnessed that a large community believes in DFSO, and the dedication of volunteers represents something that is very difficult and impressive to build.

As Campbell Global employees learned more about DFSO it was discovered that some employees had volunteered with DFSO in the past, some were familiar with the organization, and those that were new to DFSO had several opportunities to connect and participate in ways to support the cause. Employees attended our Celebrate Success event where Amano and his coworkers were moved by the stories clients shared. “Each story showed the diversity that DFSO reaches out to. Every client has had their unique hardships and perseveres with the help of DFSO. ” The Grow the Good committee held a clothing drive where employees eagerly pitched in to donate professional clothing. They also have a representative on the DFSO Little Black Dress Circle committing to sustained giving. Amano states “All of these sources allow for buzz around the office when talking about fantastic opportunities to support local non-profit organizations.” This is one local business that has come full circle in supporting DFSO.

Thank you Campbell Global employees for your spirit of service and commitment to helping to improve lives for the disadvantaged women of our community.


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