The Lowdown on Fast Track

Fast Track, a program through Dress For Success Oregon’s Career Center, has grown nearly 200% in just one year. We’re helping more women than ever, but since the program isn’t as visible as some of the other things we do at Dress for Success, I thought we’d take a closer look.

What is Fast Track?

Fast Track is a four week series of one day workshops that help female job seekers land their next great job. Prospective employees meet with experienced career management professionals, learn how to understand and sell their skills, and come away with the confidence they need to succeed in securing their next job and future job opportunities.

Fast Track Syllabus

Come for the whole series, or drop in on the sessions you need the most help with.

Week 1

We think you’ll get the most out of week one if you go for the morning and afternoon sessions on the same day.

10:30-12:00: I didn’t know I had a choice!  What is your personality type and in what jobs would those traits be found in successful and happy employees? Using two test instruments, one for interests and one for personality type, learn to explore where your skills and type would be the best fit. Confirm a career path or discover a new one!

Lunch provided by Dress for Success

1:00-3:00: The Puzzle of You Understand what skills you already have and how they can be used in many different positions/jobs. Learn how to build a bridge from your past experience to your future job for an employer.

Week 2

10:30-12:00: What are you famous for? Most good jobs are not advertised; they are filled because somebody knew of a job opening and got it before the public even knew – that is accomplished by networking.  Ever have the question asked, “tell me about yourself?” Fast Track gives you the formula to sell and summarize your experience with their 5 step formula.

Lunch provided by Dress for Success

1:00-3:00: “You” in the Headlines What goes in a cover letter, how do I start a sentence, how many times should your name appear in a cover letter and how to write a “cover letter headline” that is professional and attention getting.  Ever thought of adding a PS (Post Script) to your headline? Fast Track shows you the elements that impress hiring managers.

Week 3

10:30-12:00: Everything you need to know about the interview Front line hiring managers and HR professionals teach the essentials of interviewing that they use every day to make successful hires; they actually tell you how to answer the most common interview questions.  Want to know about how to research an opportunity? Fast Track shows you how to research the job, the company and the industry. They even show you how to research your interviewer.

Lunch provided by Dress for Success

1:00-3:00: Tell me a story Ever get the question,“tell me about a time when . . .?” That is behavioral interviewing and Fast Track gives you the format on how to successfully prepare for and answer those questions.  Come to class and find out how many seconds you should spend answer that question.

Week 4

10:30-12:00: What DO employers want? The career panel brings in successful women in a variety of industries.  They tell Fast Track class members what went well in their lives and how they overcame difficulties along the way.  Class members are encouraged to ask them questions about careers, interviews, what successful employees in their organizations do to achieve results and how they handle a variety of issues.

Lunch provided by Dress for Success

1:00-3:00: Don’t Mock Mock Interviews Fast Track brings in real world hiring managers and HR professionals to help class members practice their interviewing skills.  They receive feedback on a variety of predetermined areas on what they did well and how they can do even better.  Professional athletes have coaches and trainers to help them achieve peak performance and Fast Track Interviewers give class members similar guidance.

Where is Fast Track Held?

Fast Track is held in two convenient locations (and on two different days) across the Portland metro area.

Tuesdays: Maywood Center Worksource/Mount Hood Community College

10100 NE Prescott Ave, Room 220

Portland, OR  97220

Thursdays: Willow Creek Worksource/Portland Community College

241 SW Edgeway Drive, Room 225

Beaverton, OR  97006

Who Can Come to Fast Track?

You can! As long as you register with WorkSource Oregon and sign up for the class online.

Is Childcare Provided?

Child care is provided at the Portland Location only.

Who Can I Contact if I Have More Questions?

You can contact Jill Norman, the career center manager or Jane Cochran, the client services manager.

Email Jill.

Email Jane.

Call Jill and Jane: 503.249.7300
If you’re looking for a job, come join us! We’ll see you there!


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