Volunteer Spotlight: Stephy Fajardo

Stephy Fajardo is a long-time volunteer at DFSO, serving the organization since 1999. Her initial project was working alongside Karen and Barb to produce the first before and after photo shoot of a client makeover that appeared in a DFSO brochure. Volunteering at DFSO, puts her life in perspective and she finds her strengths of compassion and self-acceptance come in handy on a daily basis.  Stephy is currently a makeover specialist with DSFO, providing much needed haircuts and makeup lessons for our clients.

Stephy is most proud of her collaboration working on fundraising campaigns, and also her contributions in the salon that enable clients to see themselves in a different light from what they are used to.  When volunteering as a development associate, she helped staff with report writing, donor recognition and event communication.  Of her salon experience, Stephy says, “Our clients’ experience of themselves and how they care for themselves has been compromised.  Usually, in a crisis or transition, personal grooming comes last.  When I see clients in the salon, I teach them tips and tricks for applying makeup, they get a fresh haircut and learn how to achieve the look at home.  With donations from various cosmetic companies, we always equip the client with a cosmetic bag filled with goodies to take home.”

Outside of DFSO, Stephy is a mom to two teenagers.  She is celebrating 22 years of marriage to a man that she calls her “biggest fan.”

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