Salon & Beauty: Arno Brown Brings Expertise and Confidence Boosts to DFSO

Arno Brown recently joined Dress for Success Oregon as a volunteer hair stylist every Wednesday. As a trained and experienced professional, Arno uses his expertise to change our clients’ perspective of themselves; they often leave the salon smiling and with rejuvenated confidence.

“As a stylist I am in the business of making people feel good about themselves. I make it my mission to cater to everyone no matter what hair texture or skin color. I am trained to understand how each hair type – curly, wavy, and straight – will transform when cut, styled and colored. Textured hair comes in many varieties and deserves the best care,” said Arno.

His unique and classic approach of expertise in areas of hair and grooming are unmatched. Arno has spent more than 20 years mastering the classic art of styling, color, cutting and maintenance. Clients receive personalized treatment, precisely suiting their individual hair needs. 

For many years Arno has taught men and women simple tricks to stay groomed and styled without over processing and damaging their hair. Licensed in both barbering and cosmetology, his services include precise haircuts, personalized color treatment, elasticity and moisture restoration. Arno has developed an artistic eye over the decades for what styles suit different facial shapes and symmetry. 

With any service or treatment, Arno works to educate his clients about proper maintenance and regimens to perform at home. Natural textured hair is the cornerstone of his service, yet Arno is ready to adapt to any hair type.

Though Arno serves DFSO clients for free for their first appointment with him, he offers appointments for non-clients and for returning clients at only $10 per cut and style. Call Dress for Success Oregon and book your appointment with Arno at our in-store dry salon today!

Arno hopes to use his platform at Dress for Success Oregon to bring tips and information about hair care to clients and supporters of Dress for Success Oregon alike! Watch this space for more updates from Arno.


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